AI-Driven Medical Search Engine Helps Fight Covid-19

David Rivas is the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Lead for In this interview he introduces the AI-driven medical search engine he and his team developed for the Tamvoes medical health platform.

He provides details on how his search engine works, where the data comes from, and it’s potential for treating a wide range of diseases besides Covid-19. Learn more:


0:00 David’s background and the Tamvoes project
3:33 AI search engine for medical journal articles
5:18 Covid-19 data being used
6:28 Selecting the AI model to build the search
7:19 How the model works (in simple terms)
9:47 What research is being used for other diseases
10:40 The largest and best medical database in the world
11:18 How the search engine was adapted for other diseases
11:53 New features for the Tamvoes website
14:09 New BlockchainGuru AI applications for medical field

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