For Technology Innovators and Early Adopters

The B2B Technology Trailblazer awards are given to recognize excellence in innovative thinking as it relates to the application of advanced technology in a B2B setting. The winner is identified through a social media marketing campaign that collects feedback and votes.

Who Can Participate

The Technology Trailblazer Award is given based on a customer success story. Technology developers, System integrators and Early Adopters all have a chance to win.

Companies that have been showcased on the Technology Trailblazers podcast can participate. The podcast spotlights companies and their technology products. Those that share a success story have a chance to win the award.

Availability Dates

The contest is held once every 3 months. All participants must provide a customer success story that meets contest rules. You can enter more than once, but only once for each 3-month period.


You must provide a compelling true customer success story to enter the contest. You must also have a client willing to be interviewed for a Case Study. This story will include all the steps your client took to achieve success. Quotes from the Case Study will be included in the press release for the award.


As a winner, you receive the following:

  • Acrylic award for your company (with your company logo)
  • Professional digital studio photo of your award
  • Case Study of your success story ($1200 value)
  • Press release describing your success
  • Social media promotion within seven days of winning
  • Note: Duplicate awards are available for $150.

Public Voting an Social Media Promotion

Winners are chosen democratically by a public vote. This is based on a 3-month social media marketing campaign to find a winner. Voters can leave comments or a voicemail giving their reasons why a certain candidate should win.

Comments and messages, along with the commentor’s name, photo, business URL and quote will be shared on social media during the voting period. The winning entry will be chosen based on aggregate feedback. An explanation will be provided of why the winner was chosen.

Award Accreditation

The Technology Trailblazers Award is in the process of being endorsed by the ‘The Awards Trust Mark Scheme’, and accredited by The Independent Awards Standard Council.

FREE if you are interviewed for a sponsored show. (fee is covered by sponsor)

Entry Form

Have you been interviewed for the Technology Trailblazer Club? You can complete the entry form here.

More information

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