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How Blockchain Can Improve Life for the Homeless

“Advice from Helen Wetherley Knight, Director of I.T. Calgary Drop-In Centre”

TOPIC – Blockchain for Digital Identity:

Helen Wetherley Knight, Director of I.T. Calgary Drop-in Centre

There’s a war happening in Calgary, Alberta. While most people wake up in their own warm bed, finding a place to sleep is a daily struggle for 2,911 Calgarians. Helen Wetherley Knight, Director if I.T. for the Calgary Drop-in Center is in the heat of the battle. With fifteen hundred people a day coming and going from the Calgary DI, “validating who they are is so difficult,” she said. This creates other problems such as victimization of the homeless by despicable pimps and drug dealers.

Wetherley Knight has developed an innovative kiosk that gives homeless people independent access to their information and available resources. The facial recognition technology it uses empowers them to maintain their anonymity. By working with I.T. departments in other shelters she plans to use blockchain to protect homeless people afraid of re-victimization by letting them control who can access their information. This article will be published on Tuesday, April 9th.

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