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Advice from Carolin Funk, Venture Partner with Blue Bear Capital in Berkeley, California.”

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Carolin Funk

Carolin Funk, Venture Partner with Blue Bear Capital

3 Startup Funding Tips from a Successful Venture Capitalist
Carolin Funk is a Venture Partner with energy technology specialist Blue Bear Capital. She has a passion for solving the world’s energy problems and a talent for driving change.

This article explains why she’s been unable to find a suitable blockchain startup after spending the better part of 2018 looking for one. Read article.

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VC investments totaled almost $3.9 billion in the first three quarters of 2018. That’s an increase of 280% over 2017. The number of deals nearly doubled, too.
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The Decision Process of a Venture Capitalist

Kleiner Perkins is a Venture Capital firm in Silicon Valley. They are known for investing in companies that have become market leaders including Amazon, Google and Twitter. It’s also the home of iconic Venture Capitalist Mary Meeker who’s known for her annual Internet Trends Report. In this video INSEAD Professor Henning Piezunka interviews Kleiner Perkins partner Randy Komisar.

INSEAD, (2016/10/16),
The decision process of a venture capitalist , YouTube Link


Heraclitus (Image: Wikipedia)

Heraclitus (535 – c. 475 BCE) was a pre-socratic Greek philosopher who believed change is the fundamental essence of the universe.

“everything flows”
– Panta rhei (Heraclitus)

“The energy world will undergo massive change in the next few years to mitigate climate change.”
– Carolin Funk

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