Interviews Exhibitors at Worlds Largest Conference is offering free virtual interviews to help promote exhibitors and speakers at the worlds largest blockchain conferences.

The news website is now a media partner with Blockchain Expo North America and is offering their exhibitors virtual interviews. The purpose of the interviews is to give exhibitors and speakers a no-cost way to stand out from the crowd of 350+ exhibitors and 500+ speakers to promote their attendance at an event with 13,000+ expected attendees.

The intervierws let exhibitors and speakers build visibility for their presence prior to the event.

An interview will help attendees get to know them better by explaining their vision and why that’s important. Founders can go into detail on how their product works, what their future goals are and what’s happening next for their company. Speakers can introduce the topic they’ll be discussing and why that’s important.

Each interview will be published on and Google News. Companies can also promote their interview on social media as a reminder of their attendance at the upcoming event.

Derek Little says, “Our virtual interviews are a great value for conference presenters and can easily be completed online in minutes. Participants get a chance to say what they want people to know and can even choose their own interview questions.”

Blockchain Expo North American organizes the worlds largest exhibitions and conferences focusing on the future of enterprise technology with 3 events throughout the year, Global, Europe and North America.

Derek Little added, “With so many people attending such a large event, exhibitors and speakers can use their interview to gain a competitive edge and stand out. Further, they can give attendees a reason to stop by their booth or attend their talk. Exhibitors can describe where they’ll be located in the conference hall and speakers can provide some logistics on when and where they’ll be speaking.

He also said, “My news site is committed to providing high quality news content that industry participants want to read. I hope to offer virtual interviews to exhibitors  and speakers at Blockchain Expo’s upcoming events in London and Amsterdam.”

To learn more, connect with Derek Little on Linkedin.