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We want to know what you think! Posting a podcast review will sharpen your marketing skills and help our guests succeed.

Tell us what your experienced while listening to a customer success story podcast. What did you like or dislike?  Would you listen again? Did it move you? Here are some tips on what makes a great customer success story.

Who can create customer reviews?

You must be a registered Member of The Marketing Results Club to submit a review. Members can post unlimited reviews and earn Club Credits for sharing it on their favorite social media site.    

  • Member Image – You member profile must include a headshot of you. This can be uploaded in your profile. Alternatively, you can add an image at that is connected to the email you used to register. This image will then be displayed beside your comment. 
  • Linkedin Profile – you must have a Linkedin profile so your identity can be verified.

Tips on creating a great review

Make sure you explain the “why.” Top reviews give the podcast guest you are reviewing and the reader insight into why you feel the way you do, not just whether you liked or disliked a story. You can make comparisons with other stories on the site.

The more specific, the better. Your review should be relevant to the story you’re reviewing and focus on your experience. For audio reviews, we recommend you briefly introduce yourself.

Not too long, or too short. Written reviews should be at least 25 words and are limited to 500 words. The ideal length is 50 to 300 words. Audio reviews have a 5-minute limit, but we recommend 1 to 3 minutes to keep the audience engaged.

Be genuine: Remember, the story you are reviewing is important to the person telling it. Your honest opinion is welcome. We do not remove reviews because they are critical. We believe all helpful information can inform the person on how to tell a better story.

What’s not allowed

If your review does not meet our guidelines, it could be rejected or removed. The following is not allowed:

Reviews that are not about the story

  • Your role as a reviewer is not to pass judgement on a particular type of technology. The effectiveness of a certain type of product or solution should not be part of a review. Rather, you are reviewing the story.

Reviews that are offensive or inappropriate

  • Obscenities, profanity, phone numbers, mailing addresses, website links, foreign languages (unless relevant to the story), or quoting someone else’s content is not allowed.
  • Hate Speech, expressions of intolerance against race, gender, religion, sexual preference, or nationality are not allowed.

Promotional content

  • Promotion is not allowed – Our reviews are not the place to promote yourself, a product or a certain website or business. If your quote is noteworthy, it may be included in our “Member promotional program” that gives your bonus credits for high-quality written or voicemail comments.
  • Paid Reviews – Reviews that are posted in exchange for compensation of any kind are not allowed.
  • The only exception to this rule is that you may post content requested by admin in exchange for bonus credits. This would be based on your previous track record of posting insightful comments.

Report violations

Let us know if you think a review violates our guidelines. Below each review, you’ll find a question that asks, “Was this review helpful to you?” If an answer receives too many “Thumbs down,” we’ll look into whether a review complies with out guidelines and take the necessary action.