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 “Advice from Lisa Marks-Canty, CEO of ChainNinja.”

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How to Control Your Data Better with Blockchain

No company wants to see their confidential information get into the wrong hands. But if you must share your data, blockchain may be the right solution for sharing it securely.

“Your organization must implement a technology that prioritizes your customers data security,” said Lisa Marks-Canty, CEO of blockchain professional services firm ChainNinja. In this article she gives you three tips for getting started with blockchain. Read article

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The Facebook Data Breach That Affected 50 Million People
Sept. 2018 news report from NBC on the Facebook data breach that affected approximately 50 million users. This is a good example of the risks of having centralized data.

TODAY, (2018/10/01),
Facebook Data Breach Affects 50 Million: What You Need To Know | TODAY, YouTube Link


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