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“Advice from Helen Wetherley Knight, Director of I.T. Calgary Drop-In Centre”

TOPIC – Blockchain for People Experiencing Homelessness:

How Can We Stop Failing People Experiencing Homelessness? (with blockchain)

Helen Wetherley Knight, Director of I.T. Calgary Drop-in Centre

What if you suddenly became homeless? What would your friends and family think? How would you survive? How could you get back on your feet? This article explores the risks of experiencing homelessness and what you’d have to endure.

Helen Wetherley Knight has developed a new solution for using blockchain to give people experiencing homelessness more control over their data. They’ll get their own unique blockchain identifier based on facial recognition. Learn how her innovative solution helps people and how you can get involved. Read article.

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David Raether was a T.V writer for over 100 episodes of Rosanne. He once earned over $650,000 a year as a consultant, lived in one of California’s wealthiest suburbs and has eight children. In this heartrending speech he explains how he ended up homeless for two years and what the experience taught him.

TEDx Talks, (2015/08/15),
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Mahatma Gandhi

“Poverty is the worst form of violence.”


Who’s at Risk for Experiencing Homelessness

The main causes of homelessness in Canada are increased poverty, lack of affordable housing, mental health care de-institutionalization, and social factors such as violence, abuse, and social network alienation.

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