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How to Make the World Better Through Supply Chain

Elizabeth Beth Rennie, Editor In Chief,
Elizabeth Rennie, Editor In Chief,

Beethoven’s 9th is considered to be one of the greatest symphonies ever. Not only was it the first to feature the human voice, the words inspired generations of future composers to explore what’s possible. A similar evolution is taking place in the supply chain industry.

“We really believe that supply chain can touch people,” said Elizabeth Rennie, a vocalist with the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra and Editor-In-Chief at the new ASCM. In this article she explains how blockchain firms can benefit from the new Read article

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Ludwig van Beethoven, Composer (Image: Wikipedia)

“The barriers are not erected which can say to aspiring talents and industry, thus far and no farther.”
– Ludwig van Beethoven

Blockchain adoption phases in organizations worldwide as of April 2018, by industry

This statistic presents global organizations’ adoption phases for blockchain technology as of April 2018, by industry. According to the survey, the consumer products & manufacturing industry has been the fastest to adopt blockchain technology. Around 74 percent of respondents from the consumer products & manufacturing industry stated that their company was in either the experimentation or the production phase of blockchain development.

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