How Edible is Your Food? Branding with Blockchain Traceability

In this episode I’m speaking with Stephan Nilsson. Stephan is the founder and CEO of Unisot, a company that provides Supply Chain Management Solutions for Enterprises in all industries. In this interview he introduces a traceability solution he and his team launched for a Norway-based Halibut farm in 2018.

He elaborates on the problem of food safety, how his smart digital twin solution helps, and how enterprises can start building a stronger brand through traceability – Learn more:


0:00 The challenges of fish farming
4:39 The Unisot pilot fish farming project
7:02 The client and their challenge (Halibut fish farm)
8:57 The smart digital twin solution
11:28 How traceability builds brands
14:07 Industries Unisot helps with traceability
16:12 Why consumers want traceable products
18:55 Unisot’s new consumer traceability app
20:22 How to get started with Unisot’s ERP plugin

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Derek Little
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