Jon Trask: How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Healthcare

Jon Trask is the founder and CEO of His firm specializes in Consulting, Training and Software Solutions for Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

In this 3-part podcast, Jon explains how AI is transforming healthcare with an example of an AI solution his firm created for a client.

Then in part 2, I speak with Madison McBay, the Co-founder of the client company in Jon’s example. She explains why they created a healthcare platform and how AI helps the battle against Covid-19.

Finally, in part 3 we hear from David Rivas. He provides details on the AI-driven search engine BlockchainGuru created for Tamvoes. Learn more:


0:00 How AI is transforming healthcare
3:20 BlockchainGuru partnership with ElectrifAi
4:29 BlockchainGuru case study (Tamvoes)
6:00 Tamvoes AI solution (in more depth)
9:13 The Tamvoes story (told by Tamvoes Co-founder)
11:15 overview
12:50 How uses AI to fight Covid-19 (David Rivas)
14:34 New AI features
16:51 Future BlockchainGuru AI solutions

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Derek Little
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