Jon Trask on How to Know If You Are Getting the Best Healthcare


Trailblazer: John Trask, CEO

The trail he's blazing: AI-driven medical search engine developed for the Tamvoes medical health platform - capable of accessing one of the largest medical databases in the world with 20M citations from medical journal articles. The below article is an interview summary - Here's the Podcast Interview.

Where will the worlds researchers and doctors find answers to the global Covid-19 health crisis? Medical breakthroughs are happening all the time, especially since Covid-19 hit. But new solutions are only useful if you know about them. Now AI is solving this problem.

John Trask is CEO of, an advanced technology solutions provider in various industries including healthcare. He and his team have developed an advanced AI-driven search engine that helps beat Covid-19.

"Medical professionals can read the most relevant research before treating a patient."

In this interview Trask explains how advancements in access to patient records will change healthcare for the better. And how it will enable better analysis and treatment for a wide range of diseases. He points out that many healthcare issues are hereditary. So, sharing records with family members is important. What may have happened to your parents or siblings can inform your own treatment. Trask says there will be a new sharing paradigm around who owns healthcare records and how they are shared.

Q - How is Blockchain Guru using AI in healthcare?

A - We have embarked upon a partnership with a US company called ElectrifAI. Together we are making some very interesting AI technology available to Canada. One of them is a product called Image AI. This that lets us analyze lungs and lung illnesses, including Covid-19.

By using x-rays and CAT scans, we can compare lungs of patients we know have the illness with patients who don’t. A diagnosis can reveal what lung ailments they have, and do measurements on the impact to their lungs.

It also works in other areas of the body like the heart, brain and kidneys. This helps diagnose other ailments associated with those organs.

Q - Can you describe one of your healthcare projects?

A - We’re doing work with a company called Tamvoes. They have a great path ahead of them in patient record management. Their system provides patient record details.

"Patients can stay abreast of the latest treatment options."

The Tamvoes system also lets users access advanced content. This includes medical journal articles from organizations like the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Doctors and patients can stay abreast of the latest treatment options. They'll know what is working and how this may affect the typical case a doctor sees. Medical professionals can read the most relevant research before treating a patient and how this compares to their vital statistics.

Q - What was the search engine solution you provided for Tamvoes?

A - Tamvoes was trying to solve several problems. They wanted to use AI and machine learning to help with diagnosis to inform patients.

"Better data about your ailment gives you a better picture of what’s going on."

When a patient goes to visit their doctor, they don’t necessarily have the big picture on their ailment. When I’ve gone to the doctor myself, I listen and we have a conversation. The first thing I do when I get home is jump on the internet. I try to see what other people are saying on the issues and find relevant information.

But there is so much crap on the internet that muddies the issue. We wanted to help Tamvoes look at only the most relevant research and literature.

Q - How does the Tamvoes search engine work?

A - The Tamvoes system has the search engine embedded within it. It looks at databases of research with relevant information. You can get better data related to your ailment so you have a better picture of what’s going on.

"Consumers can arm themselves with more questions for their medical professional."

Consumers can arm themselves with more questions for their medical professional. They'll better understand the treatment a doctor is proposing and what some of the risks are.

Q - What's next for Tamvoes and Blockchain Guru?

A - We started helping Tamvoes develop their platform in June 2020 and now their system is up and running. We’re moving on to potential next phases. So there will be some more exciting new projects coming from BlockchainGuru and

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