New Blockchain Startup Magazine Launched on Google News

A report by Gartner Research found that demand for blockchain technology is expected to grow to $176 billion by 2025. Google’s all-new Google News app will help meet the growing need for industry information. Now, news publication is pleased to announce its inclusion in Google News.

Getting found in a mobile app is important for an online magazine since 77% of US adults now own a smartphone. Blockchain Trailblazers is now better equipped to give blockchain entrepreneurs and investors an accessible source of high-quality journalism for keeping pace with emerging industry trends.

Derek Little, editor of Blockchain Trailblazers says, “Our magazine interviews blockchain startup founders to help them articulate their brand story in a unique and memorable way. Not only that, but a story that captures what their business does and why that’s important.”

Further, he added, “Google News provides a high-visibility channel for getting our articles out there. Now that has proven it meets Google’s high standard of journalism, this credibility is transferred to the people we interview.”

His words echo those of Philipp Schindler, Google’s Chief Business Officer, “While the demand for quality journalism is as high as it’s ever been, the business of journalism is under pressure, as publications around the world face challenges from an industry-wide transition to digital.”

The great advantage of Google’s new AI-driven app is that it pulls together blockchain news and video from across the web. Google’s AI technology uses reinforcement learning to remember your previous searches, so the more you use the app the more relevant your searches become.

Your custom-selected Google news is included in a storyline the app builds based on your areas of interest. If it’s blockchain related you may find yourself reading an article from Blockchain Trailblazers. Your storylines can be found under the “For You” tab at the top and you can customize how much of a certain topic you want to see. features noteworthy experts and blockchain leaders from around the world. Previous interviews have featured CEOs and founders from industries such as real estate, cloud storage, fashion, social media, banking, research and technology.